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About Digital Art / Student Jordan23/Female/Canada Groups :iconthe-suck-monkey-army: The-Suck-Monkey-Army
You Got My Suck Monkey Yet?
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Lineless Illustration
Illustrations without lineart, dependent on shading and highlights for definition. Done with mostly airbrushes.
Soft Children's Illustration
In one of my favorite styles, children's illustration style. It has no distinct coloring because everything is softly airbrushed in.
Full Digital Complex, multiple characters
Digital complex background, full digital coloring and lineart.
Digital lineart and colors, simple background
Digital coloring, simplistic background of designs and colors.
Traditional lineart, digital color with complex background
Soft shaded, complex background with traditional lines.  
Soft shaded with simple background
Soft shaded, simple background  Extra characters always add to price.
Soft shaded on photoshop with traditional lines
Soft shaded:  Soft shaded on photoshop with traditional lines. Extra characters always adds to price.
Detailed Inked Sketch
Detailed ink sketch:   (Inked and detail shaded/highlight on photoshop) Extra points/money for extra characters.
Shaded Sketch
Shaded sketch: (extra five for extra character). A sketch shaded in on photoshop.
Sketch - No Shade
Plain sketch scanned in, no shading. Extra points/dollars for extra characters.

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello dear friends! My name is Jordan. I'm an aspiring animator/character designer currently freelancing as I try to find my way in the world. I have a deep love for animals and people, and sitting on the swing drawing.

My bunny Frisk (as you can see above) is my life and heart and lil baby.

I truly love people, so don't be shy. I love socializing so feel free to start a conversation on my page. Please leave notes to more private matters/commission matters. They get cluttered easily!

I love to look at other' art so don't be shy to ask me. I critique fairly and love to take fellow artists under my wing.

Bottom line is I'm a girl that just wants to see the world happy!
So I've come to a decision. Originally, I was just going to change my username because it was associated with stuff I didn't want to remember, but that does no difference as long as I'm here.
Coming to this account now just... Makes me really upset. I see stuff I don't want to remember, I see comments from old friends I'm trying to forget. I just feel anger and miserable and I don't want to log on here anymore.
 But I do love posting art here. And I've grown attached to a lot of my Watchers. Generally I just still love the website besides all the weird fetish stuff and generally crappy anime art and stuff. I mean it's leagues better than Tumblr. Here you just have kids being kids, and on Tumblr you have... Adults being kids. In the worst way.
Not to mention I have really crappy art that just makes me cringe when I see it and I just hate this account. I think the best way to get over all this is to start new.
 And I mean a new account with only a little bit of my art posted that I already have. Because there's only a few that I'm proud of. I'm not going to delete this account even though that might be the best thing to do so I'm not tempted to come back here. I might eventually delete it because it's probably the only way to actually move on, but until then I think I'm just going to achieve it.
 I am not making my new account public however. By that I mean I'm not going to openly post the name of it. If you want the name you're going to have to note me. And don't worry, I'll probably give it to everybody that asks. There's just some people that I don't want to find me. The best way to do that is to keep this account as secret as I can.
 I'm making the new account tonight, but there probably won't be anything beyond an avatar and the name of the account. Maybe a couple reposts.
 So feel free to note me. I'll respond to them all once I have the new account setup. I've had a lot of fun on this account, but it's time to move on.

... I only wish I waited to change my username here so it could be my new one. Oh well.
  • Playing: sorry guys I'm just filled with rage and hate
  • Eating: sit on a cactus
  • Drinking: is that hate? who knew



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